How the Quest Was Dubbed

“What’s in a name?” is something you might often hear asked, and for me it was hugely important. My working title of “No More Mr Fat Guy’s Run From Perth to Brisbane” didn’t seem all that compelling, but I had got nowhere trying to come up with a snappier name.

So I forgot all about and focused instead on starting to plan…

With the Heart Foundation on board, I started playing with the route map that I’d created in Google Maps. Each of the key milestones and capital cities had been added to the route, and Google had labelled each of these as per usual conventions; A, B, C and so on.

So I loaded the route into an image editor and started copying and pasting a heart symbol to cover each of the labels. When it was done, I sat back a little to admire my handiwork. It looked much better, more fitting. I distinctly remember the moment where I thought to myself:

“Yeah that looks great with all those Hearts Across Australia… Ooooh!”

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