i am not a fish

yesterday and today are two very contrasting days; last night saw me in my comfort zone, a club running session at Perry Lakes involving a warm-up, stretching, drills and then a 2km time trial (which will act as a benchmark for later in the course).

with the “3 steps” still in my legs, the time trial was tougher than it may otherwise have been; I was reasonably happy with it though, despite a few walk breaks to catch my breath!

today though… well I am excited, I am nervous and just like all new challenges in recent years I am ready to face things head on and take it as it comes…. however it is most definitely out of my comfort zone; swimming…

probably a common “fear” for many triathlete novices – fact is I haven’t swum properly in about 30 years, and I haven’t had a swimming lesson in maybe 35 or more!

that said, I will be rocking up at the pool today, looking like a tourist in my swim shorts and rashie; no speedos, tri suit or other “proper” kit here… though from my experience with running (and the recent bike purchase), I do know that will undoubtedly change in the not too distant future…

oh that reminds me – I had better get out to Rebel Sport at lunchtime and buy some goggles….


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