Jan 25 2012 Progress Report

Had a bit of a late start today, getting up around 5:05am hehe

Started the day walking the dog, estimated distance covered = 1.77km, time taken 18 mins 50 seconds
Got off bus 1 stop early and walked the rest of the way
Walked down stairs from Level 8 at lunchtime instead of using lift and walked long way around to busport.
Bit of a splash with Kian in the pool and a few lengths swimming
Total steps as at 7:30pm = 6907 – a few thousand short of the 10,000 lol

Breakfast: 1 glass orange juice, 2 slices toast with Flora buttery and vegemite, big glass of water

Mid-morning: 1 x long macchiato, 2 sugars. 1 really small piece of cherry pie (left over from yesterday). Bottle of water (600ml)

Lunch: 6 pieces of Sushi (2 tuna, 2 lean chicken, 2 generic seafood and salad), 600ml water

Dinner: Lamb skewers, pasta with tomato bacon and basil. Large glass cordial.

Couple more pint glasses of weak, sugar-free cordial (still not a huge fan of just water!)
Tempted by some light weightwatcher treats made for Australia Day picnic etc. tomorrow. Helen’s fault for tempting me with the fact that the little passion fruit cakes were worth 2 ww points, and the tiny bacon things were 1 point.
This weightwatchers pedometer rocks lol

Keeping a journal as part of the blog appears to have been a good choice.

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