Jan 26 2012: Australia Day

5am wake-up again – still no need for alarm clocks… Heading to City of Gosnells’ Aussie Day Brekkie this morning, so will try to avoid eating until then.

Walked the dog on the established route, estimated distance covered = 1.78km, time taken 17 mins 25 seconds

A fair bit of walking done today – cleaning up the back yard and pool area, Aussie Day Brekkie and Aussie Day fireworks etc. in the evening.

Couple of dips in the pool – mostly just cooling off and messing with my son.

Pedometer step count for the day (as at 9:55pm) = 12,574


Breakfast: Pint water before going on walk, another on return. At the Aussie Day brekkie – 2 sausages, 2 slices toast, 1 egg, half a large tomato, spoonful of baked beans. I cup orange drink.

Basically drank loads of water and cordial throughout the day as we were outside and it’s bloody hot at the moment 🙂

Lunch: Steak sandwich – BBQ’d steak, salad, tomato chutney. Half dozen or so polenta chips, 2 small italian sausages. Chargrilled veggies (capsicum, zucchini, egg plant etc.). 2 pints full strength beer (total alcohol consumption for the whole of Australia Day!)

Dinner: Picnic consisting of mini bacon muffin (weightwatchers, 1 point), 1 chicken portion (skin on), brown rice salad, tomato, mini passion fruit muffin/cake (weightwatchers 2 points) .

I may have missed a couple of things – not been at the computer all day – blogging this from memory!


Overall I was pretty pleased at the way things went – most of the food consumed was healthy, I didn’t pig out (which I often can do with barbies, or at an event like Aussie Day). Felt I’d eaten plenty, didn’t feel hungry and kept the fluids topped up.

Have first sports injury following a bit of a humid sweaty walk this morning – inner thigh chafing. Fortunately we’ve got plenty of baby talc in the house lol.

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