Jan 27 2012: Day of The Wall

For those who aren’t aware, Roger Waters is performing the famous “The Wall” show in Perth tonight, and I’ve got tickets…

That had nothing to do with getting up at 4am today though – a combination of humid heat, and getting to bed an hour earlier (about 11pm) saw me wake up at about 3:45am. I eventually gave up on trying to fall back to sleep and got up at 4am.


Took the dog out on the usual 1.8km (ish) route – completed today in 16 minutes 48 seconds. Noticeable difference already, though not feeling as though it’s any harder.

Caught the bus one stop earlier (i.e. walked down the road to the stop prior to my usual one)

Got off bus one stop early – might extend that to 2 stops before busport next week. Pedometer over 5000 steps and it’s not even 9am yet.

Lunchtime walk – down stairs from level 8 then around area between busport and convention centre

Used stairs to leave building after work – quite a bit of walking from car to venue and back again.

Total step count accidentally reset – cruised through the 10,000 level easily though.


Breakfast (pre walk): 2 slices toast with Flora Pro-Active Buttery, glass of weak cordial. Another glass on return from walk.

7:30am (at work): Long macchiato, 2 sugars. 500ml water, 1 banana

Mid morning: 500 ml water

Lunch: Chicken, lettuce and mayo sandwich. 1 “Be Natural” Sesame Nut Split. 600ml water (and about the same quantity of water again later in the afternoon)

Dinner: Aussie Day leftover feast – 2 pieces of chicken (skin off, not on as I incorrectly wrote last night), 4 lean meatballs, brown rice salad, chargrilled vegies. Water.


Should probably mention that I’ve been slipping in the posture/breathing thing fairly frequently. Can feel it pulling further up the back now, easier to hold.

I’ll stop mentioning water in the food section from now on – will just estimate a quantity over the course of a day. Gets boring writing “and water” lol. Probably drinking between 2 and 3 litres per day now, and certainly no sugary fizzy drinks.

The Wall was awesome 🙂

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