learn? but i want to have patience right now!

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks; long run meltdowns and terrible tempo runs, mixed in with highly rewarding relaxed pace runs of varying lengths. All creating opportunities to reflect and, ultimately, leading me here. To the local GP surgery, to (hopefully) verify that the ab/pelvis/groin pain is purely mechanical (and not an infection, for example).

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is patience. To not try and push things too fast, too soon. To let things flow and develop, just as they are intended to.

I think the lesson has sunk in, as I write this, the receptionist has updated the “expected waiting time” board to show “60 minutes”. It was showing “25” when I walked in, 25 minutes ago.

There were huffs, puffs, sighs and looks all round the waiting room. I smiled at the elderly couple sat opposite me, and continued to write this piece, thinking “well at least I have a bit more writing and thinking time now”.

yesterday I read of a friend who was due to speak at a seminar. Due to traffic problems, the seminar was cancelled. My friend was understandably disappointed. the evening was then spent having a great dinner at a nice restaurant with her family. The frustrations were forgotten, and I know the rescheduled seminar will be a massive success.

and that’s how I’m approaching this injury. Instead of panicking that it’s only 5 weeks until the London Marathon (and that was my initial reaction) I’m doing my best to stay positive and view it as part of the journey, exactly as it was meant to be.

and there’s evidence of that already. great phone conversations with like-minded people occurred, where if I’d not been at home resting, the call would have gone to voice mail.

much-needed thinking space has been made available, allowing me to re-commence some of the more “out there” blogging in areas that truly interest me.

at a practical level, I’ve been forced to slow down, look at my “gung-ho” attitude to training, realise I’m not superman (well, not all the time) and temper it all with reason, common sense and a healthy dollop of realism. Yes, I will achieve my time and pace goals, just not tomorrow.

And this percolates out to other areas of life too. Dreams,goals, ambitions – all envisioned with absolute clarity, but sometimes spoiled by a desire to have it all happen immediately!

so yes I’m learning to be grateful for injury. I’m learning patience. I’m learning that things unfold in their own way and in their own time.

learning slowly 🙂

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