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i went to the gym this morning. i didn’t want to go to the gym. i woke up and what i REALLY wanted to do was go for a run in the dark. i like doing that these days, you may have noticed?

but running alone isn’t going to get me through tough mudder in october, so i did the right thing. i went to the gym.

5 mins warm-up on the spin bike
1km row in just over 4 minutes
20 push-ups, 20 assisted chin-ups (50kg offset) and 20 lat pull downs (45kg)
500m row in just under 2 minutes
20 x chest press (75kg), 20 x tricep rope (40kg), 20 x bicep curl (30kg), 20 x shoulder press (25kg)
200m row in about 46 seconds
20 x crunches, 20 x ab twists, 20 x bicycle legs.
1 minute plank hold
2km walk on the treadmill approx 20 minutes

before the session i weighed myself, i was muttering under my breath how it had better be under 120kg this week.

it was! 118.9kg in fact.

so that’s 3.1kg gone since i set the goal of hitting 100kg by the end of 2013. it’s on track. now to keep it going!

i think it’s possibly the first time under 120kg since september-ish last year too – when i briefly dipped down to a similar weight. this time it’s staying off!

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