letting go


it may come as a bit of a surprise to those who know me in the real world, but recently i started working with a life coach. you know, those people i have often spoken about with a high degree of scepticism, and criticised for their new-age-white-lighty-fluffy-unicorn approaches.

suffice to say, i found a coach i resonated with, and is none of the above.

anyway, the main point of this post is some “homework” i was set last week; to think about what i need to let go of, to make space for the things i want – something like that…

and i thought and thought and thought about it…

nothing. nada. zilch. couldn’t let go of a damn thing.

didn’t want to. had a slight feeling about something, but didn’t want to listen. didn’t want to go down that path.

it would mean letting go of something that is an entrenched part of my very being. letting go of a part of my soul. letting go of something i have loved for what seems an eternity.

but i ignored it. couldn’t do that. didn’t have enough faith that letting go was the right thing to do in the long term.

didn’t have enough faith that in doing so, the future would be brighter, and things would ultimately fall into place as they should.

so the universe kicked down the door and forced a decision

a message on facebook. a subsequent conversation. these were the tools deployed by said universe.

the decision was not an easy one, the message was not an easy one for the other person to write.

they feared that it would end a friendship. would be taken the wrong way. would upset me.

but ultimately it is the right thing to happen. for now at least.

on reflection, my continuing involvement is holding things back.

ironically hurting the thing i have nurtured and cherished for so long.

it is time now to let it go. for both of us to be free.

to create space for brand new amazing opportunities.

to make room for an amazing life.

to allow things to be achieved.

and in time, who knows what the future may hold.

and so it is time for me to say “au revoir” to my web business, and look forward to the future.

and no, that’s not tears. i’ve got some dust in my eye…

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