Mar 03 2012: Saturday Come Slow

New policy – introduce each day’s journal with a song of the day (just because I love music lol)… This week (in case you hadn’t noticed) the journal titles have included song titles relevant to the day of the week – should’ve included vids with them I s’pose! Also I’m changing the format slightly so it’s simpler and there’s a better chronological context to things. It’s my blog and I’ll change if I want to (ooh that reminds me of a song…)


Time to bed (previous night): 11pm
Time got up (today): 5:30am
Daily step count: 7170
Daily water intake: 2300ml
Mood (1 to 5):
Morning 5,
Lunch, 4
Night, 4.5 albeit very tired


05:30 – woke up feeling great, surprised to not be aching, piece of dry toast with marmalade, glass of water, took Marble for a gentle walk (1.6km ish). Untimed.
06:00 – fried egg on unbuttered toast with a little grated low fat cheese. Glass orange juice
09:00 – Grasshopper Soccer with Kian
11:00 – Mid-morning snack, sliced banana and sticky date yoghurt
13:00 – Lunch, chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, 1 multigrain sandwich thin and grated cheese
14:00 – Nap – felt fine all morning – a little tidying in the garden and I felt it in my legs and felt tired!
16:00 – Mid-afternoon snack – dried cranberries, nuts and seeds
18:00 – Dinner – capsicum stuffed with chicken mince, veggies, rice, coriander…
11:00 – Glass of milk then bed


No gym today due to double session yesterday.

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