Mar 2 2012: Friday On My Mind

Woke at 11:30pm, 1:30am and 4am – so took a couple of seconds to force myself to get started this morning. Was keen to hit the gym after a day off though. Also today’s a big day with a DJ Clubfit session this evening. Will be good to compare with the initial session a month ago…

Breakfast: 1 slice dry toast with vegemite (pre-gym) 2 multigrain weetbix and skim milk
Mid-morning: Sliced banana, almonds, walnuts, pepitas, sunflower seeds, pine nuts, passion fruit yoghurt
Lunch: Teriyaki Chicken Bento Box (2 pcs sushi, shredded cabbage, chicke, rice, fruit salad)
Mid-afternoon: Banana
Dinner: Chicken schnitzel, baked beans, slice toast, mushrooms

Plain, filtered water: 3100ml
Glass orange juice
Skinny long macchiato – no sugar
Glass milk

Gym (see details below)
2.8km riverside walk to office
Down stairs Level 8 to Ground x 2
Up stairs Level 1 to Level 8 x 2
Step count – 10148 (12:30pm)
DJ Clubfit (see details below)

5 min bike warm-up – 1.9ish km
1000m row (intervals 100/100) – 4m 41s
Stretch and recover
500m row – 2m 23s
Stretch and recover
500m row – 2m 09s
Stretch and recover

DJ Clubfit:
Bike warm-up
“Colours” (basically running around a car park 5 times, carrying weights of varying colour and weight)
More bike warm-up
Rowing Challenge – 7m 32s
100m row, 10 pushups, 10 crunches, run up stairs, touch back wall, run back to rower
200m row, 10 pushups, 10 crunches, run up stairs, touch back wall, run back to rower
300m row, 10 pushups, 10 crunches, run up stairs, touch back wall, run back to rower

Circuit: 3 x 20 x (something I forget) plus Step-ups, 3 x 20 x Dips & squats, 3 x 20 x bicep curls & shoulder press

Stretching and recovering where needed 🙂

Physical, Mood etc.:
Morning – Woke up at 4am after restless night. Not bad overall. 4.
Lunch – Great – 5+
Night – Great session at Walkabout Wellness. Mood 5+

Alternated between crap and great at the gym. Wasn’t happy with the cycle as I missed 2km again. Pleased with 1000m row (I think it’s the best time so far). First 500m row was poor (2m 23s). Came back well on the 2nd 500m row (2m 09s)

Overall was a good gym session. Will be interesting to see how DJ Clubfit goes tonight!

Noticing that I’m getting peckish more often – could be the increased activity needs to be offset with some food intake. Will speak to Britt about that!

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