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for this week’s installment of the sh*t-sorter files, we’ve got a truly inspiring young lady from the west coast of the usa.

i stumbled on her page and blog while poking around the running community one day, and got in touch because her story is amazing.

born in 1984, with spina bifida, this lady is a runner, a half marathoner, speaker and is proof that it really is all about the mindset.

after a few technical glitches (e.g. like me getting the email address wrong) i am delighted to finally be able to bring you Misty Diaz:

Hi Misty, can you tell everyone where you’re from and what you do?

Long Beach, California – I grew up in Bakersfield, California. I work at the Queen Mary ship in Long Beach Cali

now I know from your page that you and your story inspire a lot of people, but who inspires you?

The friends who contact me on my fan page, or by sending email just to say thank you for inspiring me and helping me accomplish my goals.

I had a young man contact me who said you encouraged me to run a half marathon. I had another woman contact me and say she wanted to give up and once she met me and saw how hard I was trying during a half marathon race, she said it was like she regained strength to keep going. Today we’re friends!

I’ve had a number of families contact me and tell me about the kids who have Spina Bifida and ask me questions and say thank you for giving us hope .

These are the things that inspire me. When they come to me for help, that inspires me!

I have a group of young woman I speak to on a daily basis, who all have Spina Bifida , these are woman are so young and bright, they inspire me more then they know. I have such a close relationship with them it’s a beautiful thing.

Social media brought so many people into my life, who are amazing.

that’s really fantastic and I just love the way that the people who contact you become your source of inspiration. so why is it important to you that you inspire others?

I love helping people. That kind of goes hand in hand, because I have a story to tell .

The satisfaction of hearing someone tell you thank you, is such a rewarding gift. I inspire others so others know that anyone can do such a thing if the stick with it and don’t ever give up.

That anything is possible, if they just have willingness.

Because if years ago before I became a runner, when I was struggling with acceptance issues and addiction. If someone would share their story with me someone I can relate to and want to achieve such things as them. I might have done something differently!

you mention addiction, I presume that’s your battle with alcohol you’re referring to – would you mind telling us a little bit about that?

I am sober, been sober since 2-2-12 and I remain sober to this day. Because of my past, this now allows me to go into rehabs and schools and talk to kids about drugs alcohol and bring disability awareness.

I know you now live a healthy lifestyle, do you mind sharing a little about how you do that exactly?

I practice yoga, that’s just another form of mental training.

I also say affirmations throughout my day and have them written on little notes throughout my house.

I eat clean, I ate really bad for many of years and became willing to change. I cook all my meals and prep them.

I also make kale shakes and protein shakes. I see my doctor regularly and take my vitamins.

I live a healthy life by constantly doing something that requires me to use my body and mind. I am a runner, recently became a half marathon runner.

I have accomplished 25 races in 1 year 1 month. I do yoga regularly, skate board,

wow, that’s truly an example of clean, healthy living! because of my own interest and discovered love for running, i’m particularly curious to know more about that – what motivates you to run?

There are moments and sometimes full races that go so smoothly it feels like I don’t even use walking canes. Moments like that, motivate me to run. I love that feeling.

Another thing that motivates me to run is I’ve never been in the best of shape, and in order to keep this great feeling I need to keep doing what I’m doing.

The people I meet along my running journey, hearing them cheer me on and sometimes wait for me at the finish line. That feeling of happiness, excitement, nervousness and joy from crossing that finish line, it never gets old.

The feeling of accomplishment – that motivates me.

with the running, I believe you’re taking it to another level now and using it as a force for change?

The people who run long distance with me , I call them “Team wolf pack” Why? Because team wolf pack never leaves a man behind, because they’re there to encourage and push me to not give up, even when I want to.

Point being, get others involved in your goals, in turn you won’t want to give up and you’ll want to keep going .

I’m starting a nonprofit for adults and kids who are low income and who have Spina Bifida. I’m working with a small team to hold my own 5-10k race in 2014 to raise money to buy these adults/kids new leg braces, or walking canes, pay for entry fees for summer camp etc.

I want these adults/kids to feel a part of a team, my entire life I have never ever felt like I was a part of something. So that’s where team wolf pack comes into place!

that’s fabulous and i wish you all the very best with it – I’m sure you will achieve amazing things. one thing I always like to ask the sh*t-sorters is this; what would you say to anyone wanting to make similar changes to their own life?

I started running since April 21, 2012 and have ran a total of #25 races and out of that #2 half marathons. Anything is possible, if you have willingess.

When people come to me and say I want to do this run, but I don’t know how, or I want to run these miles I just don’t know how to get to it…

I always tell them, you need to create a focal point goal, you need to sign up for that or commit to that goal so you can’t back out, and work hard at it .

Create a schedule and plan. Work on that plan every day in some way.

I only ran two 10ks, before jumping into half marathons. I created a plan, dedicated my time and committed myself to reaching 13.1miles. I stuck to it!

I even bought a sticker that said 13.1miles and placed it near my bed, so every time I got up and didn’t want to run that morning, I saw that sticker. Now I have a 26.2 sticker on my wall and the half marathon sticker is on my car. Little by little I going to reach that goal of a full marathon, and I’ll be partf of that 5% of the US that have ran a full marathon .

Above all else – NEVER EVER GIVE UP!

thanks for taking time to share that Misty, I’m sure the readers, subscribers, viewers and minions are going to love your story – and they can also connect and find out more at:

Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/MISTYDIAZSB

Or look Misty up on Instagram – Lilmissmisty

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