much needed downtime

taking time for yourself is a much needed, and highly neglected, thing. this post is written at about three quarters into 2 weeks annual leave. I haven’t been anywhere, I haven’t packed out every day with a million activities, nor have I felt any guilt over using the time productively.

week one, if I am honest, was more about decompression and de-stressing. in fact it consisted of little more than sleeping, eating, occasional walks, and minimal contact with other humans. it was wonderful (can you tell I am one of the people who didn’t struggle with covid lockdown at all? 🙂 )

week two was a little more active, and productive. the back yard is a little tidier, the trees no longer hang over my neighbour’s roof and back yard, and attempt number 3 to grow something in the tiny patch at the front of my unit has commenced (I planted some geraniums, who right now are hoping they don’t become the latest victims of my black thumb).

one of the goals I did set myself for this break was to revisit some of the business ideas I have had previously. the reason being a growing sense of unfinished business. on the work front, I have a good job, I am lucky enough to have some great colleagues, and I am certainly grateful for the opportunity to finish the work that was started between 2006 and 2015. there’s just this unrequited need inside of me to build something of my own.

poking into those areas has led to a lot of thinking, remembering, and reactivating; it’s been a very good use of my time. the desire is still there to use my own experiences to inspire others to set amazing goals, but the biggest “take away” from this week is to apply that to myself.

this video from october 2013 was a good reminder of this…

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