nearly didn’t happen!

today has been an odd one, possibly jinxed by saying things were back on track yesterday? working from home again, woke up early again, but with no run (walk) scheduled for the 10k program, a particularly busy day work-wise… well, I’ve ended up doing less than 2000 steps 🙁

still, the journal is here, right? it almost wasn’t, but I am happy that the habit established over the past couple of weeks has paid off…


breakfast: smoked salmon, 2 eggs, avocado, glass of milk with cold drip coffee and stevia flavouring
mid-morning: long black
lunch: two bacon sandwiches with low carb bread
dinner: lamb, salad, some 85% dark chocolate

No myfitnesspal tracking today – the past couple of days have reassured me that my intake is more or less where I want it to be. As I say, it’s a tool that I use intermittently!

Updsayte on 85% Lindt dark chocolate – someone had entered 483 calories on myfitnesspal when it’s 483kj. Phew!


morning: metformin, trajenta, ancestral nutrition multi, usana cellsentials & biomega fish oil
evening: metformin, usana cellsentials & biomega fish oil


total steps: 1829 🙁

physical, mood etc.:

mood and energy have been really good. not feeling too tired despite waking early. got through a stressful day quite calmly too. 10/10 to be honest.


must do better with the incidental movement but Rome wasn’t built in a day, right?

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