not feeling flat anymore

the title for this post has a double meaning. firstly it’s a reflection of how I am feeling, how re-energised and excited I am to be mixing up the training. I’ve obviously recovered from the ultra, and am now enjoying doing (much) shorter sessions, running relatively little, and giving swimming and cycling a go.

the swimming has been the toughest, and our first swim session last week showed me just how much work I need to do both in terms of technique and fitness. the new challenges it presents, and the improvements in fitness and ability, make things very interesting and have seen my enthusiasm levels sky-rocket…

cycling has been great too. once I switched to a half decent bike things got better, and I am looking forward to developing my cycling skills and ability. I definitely need to invest in cycling shorts though – I can handle the short rides, but as we spend more time in the saddle, I really will appreciate the padding!

cycling is the other reason for the post title; at the end of the bike part of Saturday’s “brick” (ride then run) session, I got a flat tyre!

the good part about that is that I am now familiar with my local bike shop, have acquired a decent cycle pump, and will be booking in for a proper bike fit…


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