not on a sugar high

I am taking a couple of weeks off from work at the moment, which gives me the ability to tend to neglected chores, plants, and blogs… and maybe even a chance to get some walking in.

fact is that the return to work has not gone quite the way I planned; after being forced to take so much time off earlier this year, I went back with a renewed and reinvigorated commitment to achieve a better work/life balance – it went well for about two weeks 😀

it has been too easy for me to let the work slowly spread beyond its intended boundaries of late, and of course there is only one person responsible for that (and the same one person who can “fix” it). so, now that blood sugar is stable, energy levels are consistent, eyesight is pretty much back to where it was, and I have some time to myself… plans will be made, habits kicked back into action, and excuses given the elbow.

in fairness, my food intake has been fairly ok (it has to be!), sleep mostly good, and the weight has continued to fall at a slow and steady rate. the main areas in need of attention next are hydration, and getting in enough physical activity every day. I think it may be time to bring back daily journaling…. I think I have said that before 😀

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