one step out of a rut

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10 TakeOneStep()
20 GOTO 10

you know what it’s like, making a new commitment to yet another fresh start, bringing renewed enthusiasm and energy to your plans. and once again, eventually, you hit a wall and the cycle repeats.

life, it seems, keeps getting in the way…

your paid employment gets done, your house may not be spotless but it remains liveable, and essentials like groceries and laundry are taken care of. but you’re tired, and you spend most of your free time decompressing from the week.

the idea of getting back to fitness and health levels previously enjoyed, or working on your bigger goals and dreams, well they stay stuck as nothing but pipe dreams don’t they? the ambitious plans take a back seat. slowly but surely.

now the problem is not having plans, goals or dreams, nor is it that you lack genuine desire to change things. the problem is planning to do it all at once.

you need to use the power of one

one step
one action
one area
one focus
one aspect

for example… you might want to create a life where you work full time, but still have time to get fit, stay healthy, and pursue interests and passions in your spare time. perhaps even start a “side hustle” to bring some of those things together. but you’re tired, your day runs away from you, you are left with no time or energy to do any of that.

you might look at this situation and decide that you need more rest, healthier eating, more hydration, more exercise, a structured day, and allocated time each evening to spend on your hobbies and interests. you’d be right, you do need all of that, but putting a masterplan in place to do all of that from day one…. is doomed to fail (9 times out of 10 at least).

so, what to do?

draw a line in the sand,
accept that things are not where you want them to be,
keep in mind the vision of how you want things to actually be,
take one action step that starts to address the lowest tier of your issues.

sleep. focus on creating good sleep habits and routines. forget the rest for now, and focus on creating a solid foundation upon which everything else will be built.

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