pre-season prepping

so here we go, just like before I’m giving myself a lead-in period before kicking things off. this time it’ll be on two fronts simultaneously, but in curiously parallel ways. the two initial goals being to walk the “three inch” event in december (23km trail event) and build a business venture around “no more mr fat guy”.

goals have been set, plans made, and a clear course set. I’ll be building up to the 23km with regular walks, and eventually walking the distances in a half marathon beginners training plan. on the business front, I’ve signed up for some online business education, and my head is currently spinning from all the dreams and goals that have been revitalised just in the very initial stages!

food today was ok, have managed about 4700 steps, hydrated ok i guess, and ending the day feeling very very tired. it’s only 8pm and i’m soooo tempted to go to bed 😀

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