“pre-season” week 1 review

well that was fun! back into it after the op, and it was a really good feeling to be back in training mode, and to have a bit of a structure in place.

my journaling and water intake fell apart a little at the weekend – that’s always been an issue for me actually – so I will put some effort in on that front, to bring my weekend routines up to the same levels as my weekday ones.

that’s actually the area I’m going to be focusing on this week, both in terms of applying that to my own life, and in terms of the weekly video and accompanying blog post – having a structure / schedule – so look out for that towards the end of the week 🙂

now while I didn’t get to blog or hydrate fully over the weekend, it was still a productive weekend, with my tax return all but done, some more planning done for the run across Australia, a whole heap of decluttering done, and a couple of great training sessions.

first up was parkrun on saturday, once again I volunteered (as I can’t run) but this week I walked the entire 5km beforehand. I took it easy and there were no problems, no discomfort, and managing to do that walk was fantastic!

so I followed that up with a 6.5km walk on Sunday morning, again just taking it nice and easy. once again, no pain, no discomfort, just a little ache or two in my leg muscles a bit later on – they have clearly got too accustomed to not being used!

so that bodes well for pushing the distances out this week – walking longer distances in the morning and at lunchtime. who knows, maybe even throw in an evening walk too!

one thing is for sure, I have never been so happy to be able to “train” – it seems my life has changed a little in the past few years 🙂


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