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I know to many, this blog and my Facebook page can appear to be about running – and in one respect it is, and I’m very proud and happy to find myself as part of an amazing online running community. But there’s more to the NMMFG story, there’s a bigger picture that running had played a part in, will continue to play a part in and in many ways was revealed by running. 

Because through running I gained a sense of calm, an inner confidence, a sense of well-being, energy, zest for life, a positive mindset, the ability to see things through to the end and discovered what genuine passion felt like.

And while I have found that these things can be applied to practically anything and improve your experience of those things, I’ve also gained absolute clarity on a number of things that have bubbled away for years.

Things I’ve known all along really, but needed the right environment and foundation to come to the fore.

To live a life based on and inspired by passion. To do things I love to do, to embrace life itself and basically to encourage others to do the same.

You see, I’ve got this John Lennon style hippy streak that really wants to “teach the world to sing”, to encourage you all to be dreamers, to “Imagine”.

Because if you think about it, what kind of world might exist if we all focused on the things that light us up? What kind of world would this be if we were filled with happiness, love and passion?

The current affairs programs would have very little to report on. There would be no humanitarian disasters afflicting large chunks of the world, decade after decade.

It sounds wild, crazy, beyond the bounds of belief – but every time one person puts negativity, cynicism and bitterness behind them, and embraces a positive existence based on their true desires, the world becomes a much better place and they inspire those around them.

And that, ladies and gentle-minions is what this is really all about, and why I finally found the ability to say that my “purpose” is to be some kind of “life coach” without cringing (too much) at the use of that term.

so what is your passion and WHEN are you going to put it at the centre of your world?

“The Bizzy Runner” was born out of a belief that ordinary people are capable of achieving extraordinary things, and that with the right information, education and support, they can build a business they love, and create more time and opportunity to have an amazing adventure-filled life. Fill in the form below to gain access to a free video series that will explain how this is all possible.

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