rain stopped play

got up this morning, did my body-weight routine (very short at the moment but will build that up), got my shorts, shoes and cap on for the walk… opened the door and it was pissing down…

as I was working in the office today, I didn’t have time to let it pass, and instead told myself the walk could happen tonight. and guess what? worked late, fell asleep when I got home. fingers crossed for a dry start tomorrow, or at least just a light shower… I really don’t mind the rain, just not getting soaked through!


breakfast: 2 rashers bacon, 2 eggs, glass of milk with cold drip coffee and stevia flavouring
mid-morning: long black, noshu (no sugar) peanut snack bar
lunch: seaweed snack, small can tuna, small no-added sugar chocolate bar, bottle of kombucha
mid-afternoon: noshu coconut snack bar
dinner: small plate with salami, roast beef, cheddar cheese and mayon, some 85% dark chocolate


morning: metformin, trajenta, ancestral nutrition multi, usana cellsentials & biomega fish oil
evening: metformin, usana cellsentials & biomega fish oil
hydration pretty good today too!


total steps: almost 7500 today 🙂

physical, mood etc.:

mood and energy still really good. could use a bit more sleep, but naps help.


for those interested – the plan I am following is below (converted to km and walks instead of runs) – from the same site I got my very first half marathon and marathon programs… https://www.verywellfit.com/beginner-runners-10k-training-schedule-2911611

10K Beginner Training Schedule
1Rest2.4km walkCT or Rest2.4km walkRest3.2km walk25 to 30 minutes walk or CT
2Rest3.2km walkCT or Rest3.2km walkRest4km walk25 to 30 minutes walk or CT
3Rest4km walkCT or Rest3.2km walkRest5.6km walk30 to 35 minutes walk or CT
4Rest4km walkCT or Rest3.2km walkRest5.6km walk35 minutes walk or CT
5Rest4.8km walkCT or Rest4km walkRest6.4km walk35 to 40 minutes walk or CT
6Rest4.8km walkCT4km walkRest7.2km walk35 to 40 minutes walk or CT
7Rest5.6km walkCT4.8km walkRest8km walk40 minutes walk or CT
8Rest4.8km walkCT or Rest3.2km walkRestRest10KM 🙂

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