rest is part of the program

you will often hear it said, in the running and endurance worlds, that rest is part of the program, or that rest is training too. as with so much else running-related, this easily translates to other aspects of our lives.

this blog entry is being written as i sit in the sun, in my back yard, on the final day of my two weeks annual leave. this is the first time that i’ve taken so much time for myself since maybe I was a school kid on summer holidays – 35 years ago, give or take.

now I did plan to walk more, but that hasn’t happened on the scale I imagined, however what has occurred is that my brain has disengaged from all the concerns of my job, and started throwing up plans and ideas about long-forgotten ambitions and intentions.

the biggest one, right now, has resulted in a week or so of flat-out brainstorming, planning and foundation-building on something that brings together a number of different interests of mine; running, small business, website / online presence creation, helping others, and ultimately doing something for myself.

there have been short-lived expeditions into these areas before, with web hosting, website building, contracting, and even forays into areas such as print-on-demand, e-commerce and network marketing… of all of these, my best effort to date was building a web service that allowed work-at-home mums to put their wares on their own website. lack of marketing skills, taking up running, and various other factors saw the end of that.

thinking about all this, and enjoying the change in pace, has made me realise that I still have that urge to help others put their business ideas online, and at the same time, eventually, give myself more flexibility to train, and get back to the idea of building short breaks, or even international travel, around running events (I guess you can add triathlon to the mix these days). i’ve missed that.

I think this is the dream of many running “addicts”, to spend time training, and having amazing adventures, while also working on their true passions; coaching, events, running apparel, for example. short of a lotto win, it remains out of reach… or does it?

my next goal is to prove that thinking might just be wrong – after all, change your thinking, change your life, right? 😃

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