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I’ve been a fan of daily supplements for many years now, and it became particularly important when I stepped up to doing ultramarathons, and then preparing to go across the country. With the exception of sleep apnoea and diabetes type 2, I’ve actually been pretty healthy, and honestly feel that good quality supplements have contributed to this.

ancestral nutrition

a few months ago I was looking for information about offal (doesn’t seem to be commonly available with supermarkets and shopping centre butchers), when I stumbled on “ancestral nutrition”, with their claim to provide “Nourishing nose-to-tail nutrition to support energy, immunity & vitality. Ethically sourced from Tasmanian grass-fed cows.”

Well, it got my attention… with the recent health issues, I’ve developed renewed interest in low carb eating, and particularly good quality meat. I was also interested in alternative options for boosting energy.


so I gave their product “primal multi” a go, offering a product sourced from a combination of liver, heart and kidney, and offering a number of nutrients to boost health, vitality, and energy. not long after the bottle arrived, and I was keen to add it into my daily morning supplement routine. I was interested to see if there was any discernible difference…

my experience

I’ll be honest, I was quite surprised that there was, and a short while into taking the product daily I found that I had a solid “engine” that kept ticking over all day, and without need for extra caffeine (which would adversely affect my sleep) and without any digestive issues or other side effects.

3 or 4 months into this new routine, I am very happy with “primal multi”, particularly alongside the other aspects of my nutrition. I can, and do, recommend giving this one a go yourself… unless you’re plant-based, of course!

the company itself has been easy to deal with, have delivered items promptly, and even offer discounts for items purchased on a recurring subscription basis.

why not give it a go?

Even better, if you use the code GARYW10 at checkout, you get a 10% discount, and yes I do pick up a small commission on that, but that doesn’t impact what you pay, nor does it influence my recommendation. I am committed to never promote anything that I don’t use, or believe it!

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