nice slow start to the day, waking shortly after 4am. with my second time at canning river parkrun on the agenda for the day, that gave plenty of time to have an early breakfast ahead of a (hopefully) fast 5km  run at 8am.

in fact, today’s parkrun has an extra dimension to it; one of the runners on Facebook (running4me) had trained for the St Jude Marathon, another (Marathon Momma) had trained for the half marathon. Unfortunately it was cancelled, but both runners have decided to run their distances anyway.

so another Facebook runner (Alpha Runner) set up an event for a virtual run to give the running community a chance to show their support, by running various distances this weekend, and posting photos of themselves with virtual run bibs etc.

as I was already planning to do parkrun, I opted to join the fun with the 5km distance – though who knows, maybe I will do one of the longer distances tomorrow too 🙂

so how did it go? well, I had another great morning, the temperature was pushing 30 before we started, heading to a top of 38 in Perth today. so definitely my warmest run to date.

quite fittingly, I scored a “hot lap” with a 5km PB of 26:10 (based on my Garmin – official result is 26:18) – the PB really is down to the first couple of kms, which were just under and just 5:00 per km pace. Things slowed down a little after that.

I’m definitely getting faster though, and a lot of that is down to the 1km repeats I’m doing on the sub-60 10km plan I got fromRun Around the World

Consistent training, that includes speedwork, pays dividends for sure 🙂

Was also fantastic to meet a minion – Ash – he came over and asked “are you no more mr fat guy?” – was great to meet him, and hear his own amazing and inspiring journey to fitness and running!

OK, stats…
and my fitness pal links: food and exercise


featured image courtesy Kristin Kokkersvold

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