Shaping the Future

The parkrun atmosphere was electric, a testament to the power of community and individual goals converging on a crisp morning. Keith, sidelined by a recently acquired hamstring niggle, donned a bright red course marshal vest, embodying the spirit of support despite his personal setback. His role on the sidelines, while frustrating from a running perspective, offered him a unique vantage point. Observing the runners, he noted the determination in their strides, the camaraderie among participants, and the inclusive atmosphere that welcomed all, from seasoned athletes to those taking their first steps towards fitness.

Warm Gestures and Excited Conversations

With all runners and walkers finished, and Keith’s volunteer stint done, Keith and Kim convened at the café; a cozy spot that was rapidly becoming their unofficial office! The smell of fresh coffee and the sound of frothing milk filled the air as Kim greeted Keith with a knowing smile and a steaming cup of his favourite brew.

“Thanks for volunteering!” she exclaimed, acknowledging his contributions at the parkrun. “Thought you’d need this.”

“Thanks coffee twin! How was your run today?”, Keith enquired.

“Yeah it was great actually”, said Kim, her post-run glow plain to see. “How’s that leg holding up?”

“Ah, the runner’s bane,” Keith replied, rubbing his hamstring. “But you know, every cloud… Gave me some extra time this week to work on our little project.”

Kim’s eyes lit up with interest. “Oh yes! I saw that information you sent through. Looks really interesting, but I haven’t had time to really dig into it this week, sorry.”

“No worries,” Keith replied, “I’ve got my laptop with me – do you have time to go through it quickly this morning?”

Kim nodded. “Sure thing!”

The Blueprint Unveiled

Keith, eager to share his findings, retrieved his laptop from the car, and started to give an overview of things to Kim.

“I’m really excited about this”, he said, “I think it gives us the exact steps and direction we need. But it also takes us a step back in some ways.”

“Oh really?”, asked Kim, with a curious look on her face, “how so?”

“Well… there’s a lot of emphasis on preparation in this blueprint. Steps that we haven’t even thought of really, but it all makes so much sense, when you stop and think about it.”

”You mean like a proper race plan, with details of hydration, nutrition, paces, and so on?” Kim asked.

“That’s exactly right!”, said Keith, with excitement in his voice, “it talks about things like niche, target market, business model, and building a brand with a meaningful message.”

Kim listened intently, her mind racing with possibilities. Together, they started to imagine how this blueprint really could help guide them in building their platform, making it a beacon for those seeking to embark on their own running journey.

The “Creation” of Sharon

Kim took a sip of coffee, thoughtfully…

“Targeting new runners makes sense. We can draw from your experience as a beginner and my insights as a long-time runner. It’s relatable, approachable.”

“Exactly,” Keith agreed. “In many ways it’s about being the guide I wish I had when I started. No overwhelming jargon, just straightforward, helpful advice.”

“You know, I have a friend called Sharon who has started to show some interest in running”, said Kim, “but she’s really worried that people will laugh at her, and doesn’t have much confidence in her ability to actually run.”

This conversation continued, with the concept of the ideal client avatar coming into sharper focus. Between them, they decided that Kim’s friend Sharon was the perfect inspiration for their ideal client, who they agreed would be someone in their late 30s or early 40s, at a crossroads in their life, looking to make a positive change but held back by self-doubt and past experiences.

“Sharon represents so many out there who think it’s too late for them to start running, who fear being judged or not fitting in,” Kim explained.

Keith nodded in agreement, adding, “Our platform should be a place where Sharon, and others like her, can find not just information, but inspiration and a sense of belonging. We need to address those fears, break down the barriers to starting, and celebrate every step, however small.”

Solidifying The Vision

Their discussion about Sharon led to a broader conversation on brand identity and messaging.

“Green and white for growth and fresh starts, and maybe a splash of gold for those sunrise runs that Sharon dreams of,” Keith suggested, his enthusiasm infectious.

“And our content needs to speak directly to her fears, her aspirations. It’s about transforming ‘I can’t’ into ‘I can and I will.'”

They began to see their platform as more than just a website; it was to be a place where every Sharon felt seen, heard, and inspired.

“Let’s weave a narrative of transformation and belonging, where every ‘Sharon’ finds her tribe, her motivation, and her joy in running,” Kim said, her vision clear and compelling.

“A gateway to running!”, said Keith, who was having a lightbulb moment. “Runners Gateway dot com!”

Lingering Doubts

Despite the positive nature of their conversation, Keith and Kim acknowledged that doubts did still linger in the background.

“Are we just dreamers?” Keith mused.

“Perhaps,” Kim replied, “but it’s the dreamers who change the world. We’re building something that matters, not just to Sharon but to everyone looking to make a change.”

“This blueprint has been a fantastic find Keith – and I am loving the ideal client stuff – it really does help personalise our approach. We can create content that speaks directly to Sharon’s needs, fears, and aspirations!”

Heading their separate ways, they both felt a renewed sense of purpose and optimism. Their project, which had started life as nothing more than a shared dream, was rapidly evolving, and now it was underpinned by strategic planning and a deep understanding of their mission.

While their steps may diverge as they leave the parkrun, their goal is united. With the blueprint as their guide, Keith and Kim are not just dreaming about an online platform – they are methodically laying down the tracks to bring it to life, much like following a well-crafted training plan for a race.

Stay tuned for the next episode, where Keith and Kim continue to transform their vision into reality, each step now guided by the structured approach of their newly discovered blueprint.

Terms Used

  1. Ideal Client Avatar: A representation of your perfect customer based on detailed market research and real data about your existing customers, focusing on demographics, behavior patterns, motivations, and goals.
  2. Content Strategy: A plan for creating, publishing, and managing usable and relevant content targeted at a specific audience to drive profitable customer action and engagement.
  3. Domain Name: The web address used to identify your website, crucial for brand identity and online presence. It should be memorable, concise, and reflective of your business mission.
  4. Transformation Narrative: A storytelling approach that outlines a journey of change or transformation, used in marketing to connect with audiences on an emotional level, illustrating how your product or service can solve problems or enhance lives.
  5. Brand Colors: Specific colors chosen to represent a brand, based on psychology and industry trends, to evoke certain emotions or associations with your brand identity and values.
  6. Market Research: The process of gathering, analyzing, and interpreting information about a market, including potential customers and competitors, to inform business strategies and decisions.
  7. Niche Selection: The process of finding a specific market segment to focus on, characterized by its own unique needs, preferences, or identity that makes it different from the market at large.
  8. Business Model Development: Crafting the framework for how a company creates, delivers, and captures value, essentially outlining how it intends to make money and sustain its operations.
  9. Value Proposition: A statement that explains how a product or service solves a customer’s problem or improves their situation, delivering specific benefits, and why they should buy from you instead of the competition.
  10. Customer Journey Mapping: The process of creating a visual representation of every experience your customers have with you, helping to tell the story of a customer’s experience with your brand from initial engagement through long-term loyalty.

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Please note: Keith and Kim are fictional characters created for educational and entertainment purposes. 😉

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