snakes, ladders and bricks

so just over a week ago I started the 10 week novice course with the Perth Triathlon Club – this marked the start of a new phase in training, new goals and a new chapter in my personal story.

I have to say that so far I am really loving it. we haven’t had a swim session yet (first one of those will be tomorrow evening), however it’s been great doing some structured activity with cycling (and getting a new bike!), and I am also enjoying the break from the very long slow runs…

that’s not to say that my running adventures have come to a temporary halt; after Saturday’s “brick” training with the triathlon club, Sunday saw a return to the trails for the Perth Trail Series “Snakes and Ladders” event. This was my first time running the event, and as always with PTS, it was well organised and a lot of fun/pain!

The “snakes” course includes a really nasty hill that goes by the name of “The 3 Steps”, and this was my second time taking on that particular beast as it is also part of the PTS “Half Truth” course. I came away with a 13 minute pb for that hill, so I’m very happy with that, and clearly my fitness has improved massively since August.

new goals

probably worth mentioning now that the goal of completing a triathlon is probably going to be a reality sooner than expected. The Novice course is really structured and timed so that you can put all the skills and learnings together at an event. So currently it looks very likely that I will be doing a novice/enticer distance triathlon at the end of week 9 (April 2nd – Mullaloo Triathlon), and potentially following that up with a sprint distance triathlon at the end of week 10 (April 9th – Hillarys)

onwards and upwards with this crazy journey….


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