so far so good?

off to a good, albeit cold, start to the day with a 2.5km walk… as per schedule. a long day of work after that, and ended the day with a headache 🤕


breakfast: sausage, 2 eggs, tomato, mushrooms, glass of milk with cold drip coffee and stevia flavouring
mid-morning: cup of tea with low sugar crisp bread and natural peanut butter.
lunch: cold chicken, mayo, sparkling water
mid-afternoon: denada sugar free ice cream
dinner: meat box


approx 2l sparkling water
morning: metformin, trajenta, ancestral nutrition multiusana cellsentials & biomega fish oil 
evening: metformin, usana cellsentials & biomega fish oil 


5bx plan – exercises 1 to 4 from chart 1 C+
2.4km walk
total steps: 5158

physical, mood etc.:

the day started well but tiredness, sore shoulders and headache are the themes of the evening lol


still not a huge fan of working from home, I move more and have better delineation when in the office. zero second commutes are great though!

photo credit: Àlex Rodriguez

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