suddenly it all feels so real

While the thoughts remained in my head, and even after they were committed to email, everything was still very easy and vague. There were some good plans being discussed, yet plans are all they were and it’s easy to talk about plans. Anyone can do that until the cows come home!

going public

The minute this blog went live, and the Facebook page invites were sent out, things got very real. Suddenly I couldn’t turn around and say “nah, that’s not a good idea after all”, I couldn’t say “only joking”. The moment things entered the public arena, the rules changed. I now have a clear choice; complete what I have set out to do, or fall flat on my face in a highly visible manner.

That’s part of the reason for doing it this way – it’s far easier to establish a new habit (or set of habits) when the world is watching. Conversely it’s far too easy to make excuses when no-one’s watching.

buyer’s remorse

You know the feeling after you bought something, maybe a significant and expensive purchase, and you find yourself thinking “what have I done?” That’s pretty much how I feel at the moment. With Britt having sent my online nutrition tracker login details, scheduling an initial assessment and planning session and various other small bits and pieces it all got very real, very quickly. Fortunately I don’t have the usual option of getting out of things easily – people suffering buyer’s remorse can simply get a refund, I don’t really have an equivalent “get out”.

trying not to think about it all

If I allow myself to think about the end results, it’s a truly daunting task that feels impossible. That’s why I’m not really thinking about anything at the moment. My plan at this stage is to establish some new habits (in relation to exercise and eating) and get them to the point where they work on auto-pilot. By simply doing what I’m told and not looking too far ahead, I reckon the ride can be made a lot easier than if I stress about it all, every step of the way.

We shall see how that pans out I’m sure!



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