time flies whether you’re having fun or not

to say that it has been a while is something of an understatement… there has been multiple false restarts for this blog, and a lot has happened!

to cut a very long story short, the past 5 years have seen:

  • relocation to the southern suburbs, 50km from the cbd
  • a very busy period at work, leading my team through various changes
  • a focus on spending time with my now teenage son
  • a number of health and injury issues that put a temporary halt to the ironman goal
  • being diagnosed as having severe sleep apnoea
  • losing all fitness and gaining about 50kg

these things no doubt are interlinked, but the reality is that there has been no training of any kind, for a year or so, and while I am very happy with my life, my work, and where I am as a person… I really don’t like feeling out of shape and hugely overweight; especially as I still remember how good it feels to be lighter and fitter…

there are many reasons that might explain how I got to this point, but to be honest, it’s far better to put the energy and focus on changing things yet again… the ironman triathlon goal is still there, but for now it would be nice to be able to do parkrun (5km). walking would be a start, running it again eventually….

so I guess it’s “no more mr fat guy” take 2 – it should be interesting 🙂

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