The Path Of Doubt

The local parkrun was once again a hive of activity, with the Saturday morning brigade of runners, and walkers, adding their unique blend of energy and enthusiasm to the park’s tranquil backdrop.

Among the sea of runners, Kim stood out, her face flushed with the thrill of achievement. She’d just clocked a personal best, and the pride was unmistakable.

A New Personal Best
As she made her way through the crowd, she spotted Keith, who was already waiting with two coffees in hand.

“You won’t believe it, Keith! I just smashed my PB – 18 minutes and 45 seconds!” she exclaimed, her voice a mix of exhaustion and elation.

Keith smiled, handing her one of the coffees. “That’s fantastic, Kim! You’re setting the bar high for the rest of us.”

The Chat Continues
Together, they looked for a suitable spot to sit and talk, and decided on a quiet bench, away from the hustle and bustle of the cafe. The conversation, naturally, began with Kim’s achievement that morning, and then drifted towards Keith’s marathon training.

“I’m currently chasing a sub-two-hour half marathon,” Keith said, a hint of determination in his voice. “It’s a tough nut to crack, but I’m getting there.”

Kim, sipped her coffee, and nodded encouragingly. “It’s all about the journey, right? Each run, each race, it’s a step forward.”

Online Overwhelm
Their conversation started to shift, seamlessly, to their proposed online venture. The excitement was still palpable, but there was something of a sense of uncertainty underpinning it all.

Keith, usually a calm and composed individual, confessed his concerns. “I’ve been researching all week, and the amount of information out there is just overwhelming. There are SO many running sites. How do we even start to carve out our space?”

Kim leaned back, pondering. “It does feel like standing at the start line of a massive race, doesn’t it? Crowded, and more than a bit intimidating!”

Battling Imposter Syndrome
Keith’s gaze drifted to the runners milling around. “And then there’s this nagging thought – what if I’m not really cut out for this? I mean, I’ve come a long way in running, but THIS is different.”

Kim looked at him with a determined look on her face, the tone of her voice was earnest.

“Keith, remember your first 5k? How impossible it seemed? You’ve got to channel that same beginner’s spirit. We’re runners – we know how to face a challenge, right?!

Keith’s expression softens. “You’re right, I suppose. I guess I need to stop doubting and start doing.”

A Strategy to Start Small
Their conversation took a strategic turn. They talked about starting small, with a narrow focus, and then building from there.

“Let’s aim to be a go-to resource for people just getting into running,” Kim suggested. “We share what we know, what we’ve learned, and help others to find the joy and benefits of running!”

Keith nodded, plans already starting to formulate in his head.

“Yes, and we build it up, step by step. Like preparing for an event… after all you wouldn’t just jump into a marathon without proper preparation, training and gradual progression!”

Brainstorming Content and Structure
They started to brainstorm potential content and structure of their platform.

“We need beginner guides, tips on avoiding injuries, maybe even personal stories to inspire,” Kim said, her mind racing with ideas.

“And let’s not forget the technical side”, Keith said, “a user-friendly website to host the content, and maybe even a newsletter to keep our readers engaged.”

A Plan of Action
As their conversation progressed, Keith’s confidence started to grow.

“I can handle the website build. It’ll be a learning curve, but I’m up for it!”

Kim smiled, her confidence in Keith evident.

“And I’ll start drafting some articles. We’ve got a wealth of experiences to share”, she said.

So, having started the morning with excitement being tinged by various concerns, the overwhelm had abated, for now at least.

Keith and Kim had come to realise that they were truly embarking on a journey. One that mirrored the very essence of running, with challenges, potential rewards, and a whole new world of possibilities!

As they parted ways, they agreed to meet again next week to review progress.

“Same time and place next week?” asked Kim.

“Sure thing”, agreed Keith.

Having navigated some initial concerns and obstacles, what will their next steps uncover? We will find that out in Episode 3, as we continue to follow Keith and Kim’s journey, tackling the challenges and celebrating small victories along the way.

Terms Used

  1. Personal Best (PB): The best time a runner has achieved in a specific distance. In this chapter, Kim achieves a new personal best time in her parkrun.
  2. Marathon Training: The process of preparing for a marathon, typically involving a structured running plan that gradually increases in intensity and distance.
  3. Sub-Two-Hour Half Marathon: A goal in long-distance running to complete a half marathon (21.1 kilometers or 13.1 miles) in under two hours.
  4. Online Venture: A business or project that is primarily operated through the internet. In this context, it refers to Keith and Kim’s idea for a running-related online platform.
  5. Imposter Syndrome: The feeling of doubting one’s abilities and feeling like a fraud, common among individuals embarking on new endeavors.
  6. Niche Focus: Concentrating on a specific area or topic within a broader market. Keith and Kim decide to focus their online platform on new runners.
  7. Beginner Guides: Informational resources designed to help beginners understand and get started in a particular activity or field.
  8. Content Strategy: The planning, development, and management of content, such as articles or blog posts, particularly for online platforms.
  9. Newsletter: A regularly distributed publication, often through email, that provides updates, news, or educational content to subscribers.
  10. User-Friendly Website: A website designed to be easy to navigate and use, enhancing the overall experience for visitors.
  11. Actionable Steps: Concrete, practical actions that can be taken to progress towards a goal. In this chapter, Keith and Kim outline the steps they need to take to start their online platform.

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