I was worried this morning – for some reason I really struggled to sleep overnight, and in the end only managed a total of about 3 broken hours. Worse still was the fact I had speed work on the schedule; not even something “nice” like a recovery run, or easy paced cross training…

so it was with some trepidation that I set out to do the following:

8km Tempo Run
0 – 1.7 K warm up at a comfortable pace
1.7 – 7.25K miles run at 5:30 – 5:50
7.25K – 8K miles cool down at a comfortable pace

I feared that I wouldn’t be able to hold a steady pace, I feared that I would be dead tired and collapse in a heap halfway through… here’s what actually happened, as reported back to Jackie…

Not much to say on this one Jackie…. I kept my eye on the watch, kept the pace as even as I could – it was hard, hot, sweaty work, but it looks like I maintained a relatively even pace for the whole middle section.

Obviously it’s hard to control fluctuations when there’s slight uphill and slight downhill sections – but overall I reigned things back in where needed, and pushed things a bit as required.

Legs are happy to be resting, and very happy for a rest day tomorrow LOL

Was quite pleased with that – it’s certainly good to be back on a proper structured training plan, and I can feel progress being made. Thanks Jackie!

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