what a thoroughly awesome day that was! Many thanks to all who came down to Can…

what a thoroughly awesome day that was!

Many thanks to all who came down to Canning River today, it was great to run with friends, have a spot of BBQ breakie, and of course the amazing #HAA2015 cake!

And of course, massive thanks to those who ran elsewhere, or have grabbed a medal from Oz Virtual Racing and will run another day.

Every medal sale, every additional person who hears about Hearts Across Australia, every ripple we create, no matter how small, will have long term benefit to the Heart Foundation and have a positive impact on the lives of others.

So thank you for that.

Thanks also to Sunday Sports Cafe 91.3 Sport FM for a fantastic 20 minute interview on the show today, and to any of your listeners who are now reading this because of that.

I’m currently rounding off the weekend with a walk. It will be a long walk, and it will certainly take me beyond the point where I really really want to be curled up asleep.

And here’s why I’m not going to be curled up until the job is done…

Because extraordinary things can and are achieved by perfectly ordinary people, every single day. They are achieved, however, by distinctly non-ordinary attitudes and non-ordinary actions.

When a cause or mission is big enough, and burns brightly enough inside, these non-ordinary decisions become non-decisions. They become part of who you are, part of what you do; an extension to your DNA codes.

We have 90 days remaining. This is our launch. In a weekend full of the colour red and heart symbols everywhere, this is perhaps the perfect official “start” point for #HAA2015

Within 90 days, we will have an account at http://GoFundMe.com/HAA2015 that is overflowing with support, supporters, encouragement and dollars.

A fully funded adventure on foot, to run and walk across Australia, with full support crew, provisions, HAA running gear, RV mobile home/HQ and almost-daily updates being pumped out on YouTube.

A mobile platform raising awareness and funds for the Heart Foundation, and one that is made possible by bringing together the HAA vision with the support of countless ordinary Aussies.

A very Australian “walkabout” adventure, driven by a genuinely Aussie spirit.

I’m out clocking extra kms because I need to be physically and mentally capable of travelling 5400km or more.

All I ask of YOU is to like, share and generally make some noise. Send the people you know to http:/:GoFundMe.com/HAA2015 – drop a few dollars there yourself if you can, then prepare to watch this all unfold.

My body on the line, in the hope that maybe at least 1 other person can be inspired to say ” no more mr fat guy

perhaps even you?

#NMMFG #smallsteps2greatachievements

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