With 93 days to go, before the planned start date of May 16th, and after sharing…

With 93 days to go, before the planned start date of May 16th, and after sharing a bit of my “why” with the Out of the Box Biz members last night, I thought I’d share a little more here…

Why am I wanting to put my body on the line? Why am I seeking to fill 4 months of my life with step after step, to a total of around 5400km? Why am I asking others (support crew) to make a similar sacrifice?

Because this is a mission, a personal passion, and something I feel DRIVEN to do. Not a folly, not a whimsical idea, not a decision that was taken lightly.

An adventure with purpose.

At one level to raise funds and awareness for the Heart Foundation

At another level, to carry forth the message of lifestyle change and active lifestyle.

To be a counter-example to the statistic of 63% of Aussies being overweight or obese.

Underpinning the whole thing, however, is to be an example, to use my personal story, and to achieve a goal so ridiculously enormous, that ordinary people will be able to look at this, see what is being achieved, and realise that they too have full control of their decisions, full control of their lives, and they can truly make those lives amazing.

If you believe in this mission, if you believe in the message, and if you believe in its power and potential, please consider making a contribution (no matter how big or small) and help make this a massive success!


#HAA2015 #NMMFG #makelifeamazing

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