Laying the Foundations of Avallach Technology

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This article is one in a series exploring the use of ChatGPT to help with building an online business. It cannot be stressed enough that ChatGPT is just a tool, and the quality of its outputs depends entirely on the effort and thinking that goes into its use. Furthermore, use of those outputs should be made as if the work was produced by a junior-level intern. That said, this article was drafted by ChatGPT and has been published more or less as-is – for educational purposes.


In the ever-evolving landscape of digital entrepreneurship, the birth of a new venture is a tale of vision, experience, and innovation. This is the story of Avallach Technology, a brainchild of Gary Wilmot, and how its foundations were laid with a blend of personal expertise and AI-assisted brainstorming.

Gary Wilmot’s Journey

Gary’s foray into technology began in his youth, programming in BASIC on a ZX81. Spanning over three decades, his career in software and web development has been marked by a continuous passion for technology and innovation. With Avallach Technology, Gary sought to channel this wealth of experience into a platform dedicated to empowering the underdog in the online business arena.

The Genesis of Avallach Technology

The concept of Avallach Technology was rooted in Gary’s desire to support those with minimal online experience. Drawing inspiration from Celtic mythology, the name ‘Avallach’ reflects a commitment to guiding and nurturing aspiring entrepreneurs, much like the legendary figure it’s named after. This vision was to create a business that not only offered services but also served as a beacon of knowledge and empowerment.

Enlisting ChatGPT as a Collaborator

To translate this vision into a tangible plan, Gary engaged ChatGPT as a virtual collaborator. The initial interaction was a declaration of intent, setting ChatGPT as a partner in this entrepreneurial journey. Through a series of structured yet flexible exchanges, ChatGPT helped in refining the business idea, aligning it closely with Gary’s background and philosophies.

The Business Model of Avallach Technology

Avallach Technology’s business model is centered around providing comprehensive solutions for individuals and small businesses venturing into the online world. The model encompasses two primary services: traditional web hosting for those seeking reliable online infrastructure, and a complete online business framework for clients who require a more holistic approach, including education, tools, and guidance for establishing and growing their online presence. This dual-service approach caters to a wide range of needs, from basic technical support to in-depth business development, ensuring that Avallach Technology can support its clients at every stage of their online journey.

Crafting the Business Niche and Target Market

One of the first steps was identifying the niche and target market for Avallach Technology. ChatGPT, drawing on the information provided by Gary, suggested focusing on online entrepreneurs and small business owners, particularly those at the nascent stages of their digital journey. This direction resonated with Gary’s vision of supporting the “little guy.”

Setting the Tone and Voice

Gary’s personal blog,, provided a basis for the tone and voice of Avallach Technology. ChatGPT analyzed the blog to understand Gary’s style – inspirational, motivational, and relatable. This analysis ensured that the communication and content of Avallach Technology would be an authentic extension of Gary’s persona.


The foundational phase of Avallach Technology is a testament to the synergy between human vision and AI capabilities. Gary Wilmot’s journey and ChatGPT’s analytical prowess combined to lay a solid groundwork for a business aimed at empowering the burgeoning entrepreneur. This narrative sets the stage for subsequent developments in Avallach Technology’s journey, where each step forward is a blend of experience, innovation, and a deep understanding of the digital domain.

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